Welcome to1 2 3 Step By Step Academy For Kids

img-homeEvery parent would want nothing more than the highest quality of early childhood education for their son or daughter. Children need all the nurturing, encouragement and valuable role models that adults set for them to follow. At 1 2 3 Step By Step Academy For Kids, we take every action within our capacity to give the very best for your child when they enroll in our programs where the critical early childhood education experience is fulfilled.

Our center operates daily including on weekends. An added bonus for many parents is our After-School Care which facilitates supplemental learning for our day time programs in Infant Care, Toddler Play Group and Kindergarten.

All our programs have one thing in common: Children always have fun while they learn new things and develop new skills. They also make friends and learn how to socialize as well as work independently in specially designed activities. We foster your child’s growth in the most patient and understanding approach. With us, you can be sure that your child’s wellbeing is kept on the top of our priorities and we would not have it any other way.

We hope to welcome you soon in our classrooms. Join us at 1 2 3 Step By Step Academy For Kids!

THE CHILDREN FIRST: to provide security for all children in learning, where activity planning is based on the needs, interests, and abilities of children. Read More ›
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